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Through COGNAiO®, we provide a comprehensive Cognitive Digitalization Ecosystem designed to create, capture, automate, deliver, secure, and analyze content and documents within your organization.


COGNAiO® - Cognitive Digitalization Ecosystem

COGNAiO® is our holistic Cognitive Digitalization Ecosystem and comprises the areas of Intelligent Document Processing, Content Services & Archive, Search & Insights, and, together with partners, Customer Communication Management. This ecosystem for Intelligent Information Management (IIM) is the basis for strategies, methods, and tools used to create, capture, automate, deliver, secure, and analyze content and documents related to organizational processes.

Technology and products 
We focus on leveraging modern technologies and architectures such as Docker/Kubernetes, microservices, artificial intelligence (GenAI/LLM), and the cloud. We rely on leading software technologies and products (best of breed).

Services and delivery options 
Our solutions are provided either in the data centers of our enterprise customers (on-premise/private cloud) or as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in the cloud. If required, we can also provide application management and 3rd level support.

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

COGNAiO® Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) isn’t just about staying ahead; it’s about revolutionizing how the business operates. Harness the power of cutting-edge technology fused with GenAI, LLMs, OCR, machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing advancements to elevate your document handling processes and to streamline operations, enhance accuracy, and expedite decision-making.

COGNAiO® IDP platform integrates all of the mentioned technologies seamlessly, empowering your system to comprehend, extract, and interpret data like never before. Experience the transformative potential as these advanced technologies work together, enabling swift, error-free data processing and insightful analytics.

Embrace a future where GenAI and LLMs converge with IDP, eliminating the need for templates, requiring less configuration, and with the capability to learn from data; redefining flexibility, efficiency, and the very essence of data-driven success.

Intelligent Automation

Taking automation to a new level requires a holistic view on information processing (capture, storage, access, and generation). We have the means for this with Cognaio® – the holistic Cognitive Digitalization Ecosystem.

Intelligent Automation powered by COGNAiO®

Content Services & Archive (CSA)

COGNAiO® Content Services & Archive (CSA) is all about enhancing your information management workflows, maximizing the value derived from your digital content. It represents a modern understanding of managing, organizing, and delivering content within a company. The overarching goal is to comprehensively address the entire document lifecycle within a singular service – from the creation and processing stages in the content service to secure archiving and systematic disposal facilitated by our archiving solution. Employing cutting-edge technologies, we prioritize the protection, controlled access, and availability of your information.

Search & Insights (SI)

COGNAiO® Search & Insights (SI) encompasses services and solutions dedicated to retrieve information from an organization’s digital landscape, spanning databases, document repositories, emails, and other content repositories. The primary goal of enterprise search is to provide users with fast and efficient access to relevant information from various sources within an organization.

Normalized access to a company’s relevant data sources is the prerequisite for the maximum leverage of SI’s analysis capacity. This enables rapid, precise, and high-quality information retrieval which in turn can significantly contribute to better decision-making processes and operational efficiency.

Customer Communication Management (CCM)

COGNAiO® Customer Communication Management (CCM) facilitates the seamless creation and multi-channel publishing of documents. Central to this process is application management, encompassing the comprehensive oversight, maintenance, and optimization of the CCM application used. Here, we focus on providing application management and 3rd level support. Regarding new solutions and services we collaborate with competent partners.


With COGNAiO®, we specifically combine state-of-the-art technologies such as GenAI and Cloud with many years of extensive experience.



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